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Talk, Learn, Share, Organize Your Workplace

This site has been requested and designed by your fellow Comcast workers.Let us first reassure you that this is maintained by the IBEW and is absolutely anonymous in that whatever you input here will be held in confidence until your shop is ready for a union election. You can input your data if you wish and communicated via this secure site and email, without face to face contact until elections are held.

We will provide union cards for download or you can have one mailed to you.

This is a major organization effort and the informational sign that likely brought you to this site has been positioned simultaneously at many sites in Washington, with the intention to expand this effort nationwide.

You have the right to organize and bargain collectively; the problem with previous grass-roots efforts is that you had to meet face to face and had no anonymity, started the effort with small numbers, and were exposed to the corporation’s anti-union tactics to infiltrate, intimidate, and terminate organizers.

Many of you have seen the anti-union videos and heard propaganda anytime unions are mentioned.

This is illegal but effective; after all you are just an individual while they have vast resources at their disposal.

This new way of organizing anonymously avoids the pitfalls of previous efforts by keeping the employees safe until elections are ready. The effort is being conducted on a large scale to improve results after the elections and prevent the corporation from being able to target a specific shop.

It is our hope to have simultaneous elections at multiple shops.